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Lash Cleanser. Made in EU.

Lash Cleanser. Made in EU.
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Premium Lashes Cleanser.

This pre-treatment cleanser has been specifically formulated to prolong bonding time of eyelash extension adhesive.

Client's lashes should be cleaned using cleanser before starting an individual eyelash extension application.

Contains: 15 ml.

High Quality. Made in EU.

More info:

Eyelash Extensions pre-treatment procedure begins with the removal of all make up from client’s eyelashes which may have traces of make up, creams, mascara. Even when not applied on the day of treatment, client’s eyelashes may contain minor traces of these and must be totally cleaned out.

Cleanser is applied with micro brush applicators or sponge applicators also available from our website. It is essential that lashes are completely clean and protein free, otherwise the bonding may not be strong enough and lash extensions may fall prematurely.

Cleanser is to be followed by the lash primer, which is a next step in pre-treatment procedure. Our pre-treatment section contains complete info on primer usage.

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