Mink Lashes

In this sub-category you may buy high quality tray mink eyelash extensions.

Tray mink lashes come in three curls - A (J), B and C. Available thickness of eyelashes: 0.15mm, 0.20mm and 0.25mm. Each box offers variety of lash length 6mm to 14mm, each placed on separate removable strip. Please keep in mind that mink semi-permanent eyelashes are softer than loose eyelashes sold in pots but not as soft as silk tray eyelash extensions that we also have for sale. These are not made of genuine mink hairs, just like all the others so called "mink" lashes. Term mink simply indicates that these synthetic lashes are of true likeness (look and touch) to genuine mink hairs. If you see these (or any other so called "mink" lashes) being advertised as "truly made of genuine mink hairs" - it is simply a seller's trick with an intention to generate more sales.

Please browse & choose the curl and thickness of tray mink lashes you require.

Available Mink Lashes:

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Mink Tray Lashes
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