Tray Eyelash Extensions

In this category you can find high quality tray semi-permanent eyelash extensions: mink and silk.
Fake eyelashes have been around for many years and the false eyelashes are getting more and more popular now. Eyelash extensions usually last 2 to 3 months without wearing mascara. Average person loses about 5-10 single lashes per week. Refills are done every 3 to 5 weeks.
Tray eyelashes (mink and silk) are very handy to work with. Each box contains variety of length, giving eyelash extension professional an opportunity to select and apply the appropriate length of lashes. Each row of eyelashes is movable, can be placed right on the hand, leaving the other hand available to do eyelash application.
Mink lash extensions are also growing in popularity but beware that mink lash extensions are in reality only a softer, more flexible form of synthetic extensions and are not truly made from the hair of minks. If you see these being advertised as "truly made of genuine mink hairs" - it is simply a seller's trick with an intention to generate more sales.
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