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Ultra Strong Adhesive. Made in EU.

Ultra Strong Adhesive. Made in EU.
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Ultra Strong Adhesive is specially designed for individual eyelash extensions and provides long time bonding.

Fast drying time up to 2-3 seconds.

Bonding time is approx. 8 weeks.

Professional use only.

Colour: Black.

Contains: 10 ml.

High Quality. Made in EU.

More info:

This Ultra Strong type glue adhesive provides quick drying time, so eyelash extension technician can work quickly without lashes getting stuck together. Using this black coloured eyelash extension glue creates seamless lashes. It is impossible to tell where the glue is and there is no light or white film. This adhesive is liquid in texture, so clumping is less likely. Technician can get just the right amount of glue on the extension to get that perfect bond. This Ultra Strong glue is one of the strongest bonding glues available on the market. The bonding period of the natural lash and the extension is up to six-seven weeks. In order to avoid any irritation, clients’ eyes must be kept closed throughout the entire application procedure. Ask clients to keep eyes closed for few more minutes after the application or use air blower (also available on this website) to speed up drying time. Lashes should be completely dry before allowing your clients to open her eyes. This glue is intended for professional use by advanced technicians only. This adhesive should not be used on yourself. It is recommended to store this Ultra Strong type glue in dry and cool place – this increases its shelf life. We recommend that you keep glue in refrigerator or somewhere cooler than room temperature for a longer storage life. 

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