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Glue Preserving Pack

Glue Preserving Pack
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Do you believe your glues are drying up too quickly? What about your other liquid supplies such as primer, glue remover and other ones? If that's the case - we have a simple and affordable solution for you!

These preserving packs will prevent your glues from exposing to air and provide longer shelf-life. Packs also keep the viscosity and the bonding power which are vital for proper application. It is recommend to use these preserving packs if you would like to get the best results from your glues and other liquids.

How to use:

After using the glue, clean nozzle completely and put it into preserving pack with desiccant (selica gel - provided).


Make sure to remove the air from the preserving pack aftrer you put the glue inside. Keep preserving pack with the glue in the dry and cool place.

As mentioned above, these preserving packs can be also used to keep other liquids and gels such as primer, glue remover etc.


1. Preserving pack (quantity of 5)

2. Dessicant (quantity of 5)

Please note that this item does not contain any glues or liquids.

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