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Max2 Eye Make-up & Protein Remover Pads

Max2 Eye Make-up & Protein Remover Pads
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Max2 Eye Make-up & Protein Remover Pads for easy and gentle cleaning of any kind of make-up.

Pre-soaked oil free pads specifically formulated not to damage the bond of eyelash extensions.

If used before application - helps & improves eyelash extensions adhesion.

Ideal for eyelash extensions specialists.

Pack contains 75 pre-soaked pads.

More info:

Eyelash extensions application pre-treatment procedure always begins with cleaning, removing mascara, make up or cream from client’s eyelashes. Now it is quick and easy process with these specially designed oil-free make-up & protein remover pads.

Even if your client has no visible mascara on the eyelashes and says that she has not applied any on the day of the treatment, lashes may still have some traces of mascara (creams, lotions). Eyelash extension technician must assure proper eyelash cleaning before the application.

Protein Remover Pads is truly one-step cleansing treatment specifically formulated to remove protein or cosmetics on eyelashes and eye-zone.

How to use: pick up a pad with sanitized tweezers; close eye and sweep off eyelashes & eye-zone with pad gently several times.

Ingredients: phytoncide, ethylparaben, menthylparaben, water, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, other.

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